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What is romantic in the novel "The Great Gatsby" that happens between ch. 1-6?

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    I found this on a site. Is this good info to help me?

    The Great Gatsby does not offer a definition of love, or a contrast between love and romance – but it does suggest that what people believe to be love is often only a dream. Gatsby thinks he loves Daisy when in fact he loves a memory of her. Daisy, too, thinks she loves Gatsby, but she really loves being adored. Our narrator is "half" in love with Jordan at the end of the novel, but recognizes the impossibility of being with her anyway. Love is a source of conflict in The Great Gatsby as well, driving men to fight and ultimately causing three deaths. This text seems to argue that there is a violence and destruction inherent in love.

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    Yes, that should be helpful.

    Read through the different definitions of "romantic" here, and in any other dictionary you can find:

    It looks as if more than one of these definitions are at work in the paragraph you found.

    If you use that information, make sure you cite it correctly.

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