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I left out the last interview. I need to summarize the interview in a few sentences rephrasing the colloquial expressions I'm not sure of.
Could you please help me here, too? Thank you.

"This isn't always easy but if you know before the interview, it's help you to refine your preparation ariund their needs. One of the most common causes is that someone is leaving. And that then begs the question why (??). If you're using an emplyment agency, they might know. It could also be that as they develop, they require people with different skills. Of course the ideal situation is if you know someone who already works there. But remember an employee doesn't always have an unbiased view of things (??)."

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    This is saying that it's helpful if the job seeker does research about the company he hopes to work for. It helps him to prepare an explanation about how he would meet the company's needs -- to know if someone has quit or been promoted ("is leaving") and what skills the company needs the new employee to have -- and to be able to state how his skills will meet those needs.

    "begs the question why" = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Begging_the_question

    "as they develop" = as the company grows and changes

    "...an unbiased view of things" = an employee would only be able to tell a job hunter what the company is like from his point of view, and probably not what the job would be like that is open

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