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Here is interview 4. Could you please help me rephrase it, especially the part with (??) which I can't understand.

5)Speaker 4 is again very colloquial. “I’ve had quite a few interviews for, let’s see, about 4 jobs. So I was getting a bit blasé (what does it mean??) by the time I had my last interview. I thought, well, I’ve done my homework on the company, I know what they’ll ask me and what I’ll ask them. What I hadn’t accounted for (how would you rephrase it?) though was I had to park my car on a meter and can you believe it, I didn’t have any change. It took quite a while to find a cafè where I could get the right coins. I ended up flying through (??) the door about five minutes late in a right state (??). All I can say is don’t do that. It’s really hard to regain your self-composure (rephrase?)

Is there an idiomatic expression summarizing the unpleasant situation?

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    Speaker 4 has had lots of interviews lately -- blasé means an interview has become too automatic, without interest, without "spark"!!

    What I hadn't thought of (accounted for)

    he hadn't planned on parking and having to put money in a meter for the parking space

    flying through = running fast

    state = all upset and disheveled

    composure = calm or tranquil state of mind

    He was over-confident, hadn't counted on having to pay for parking, was late for the interview, and was all flustered! He did NOT present a good, professional appearance!

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