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1. The appearance of a document can do all of the following EXCEPT: a.establish rapport with the audience.

b. guide your readers' attention.

c.substitute for the written text in the document.(*)

d. build goodwill.

2. The design of a document reflects on the writer in terms of all the following EXCEPT:
a. social status.
b. professionalism
c. competence.
d. credibility (*)

3. Which of the following would NOT be considered a violation of a convention?
a. A business letter is a hand written.
b. A resume is presented in an electronic format.(*)
c. Clipart is included throughout a loan contract.
d. An attorney's business card is printed in red font on a yellow background

4.Which is a feature of good document design?
a. Using at least three different fonts used to separate ideas
b. Setting as many words as possible in all capital letters
c. Using white space to separate and emphasize points (*)
d. Putting important elements in the top right quadrant of the page

5. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of headings?
a. They beak up the page, making it look less formidable and more interesting.
b. They enable your reader to see how the document is organized at a glance. c. They help your reader to turn quickly to sections of special interest.
d. They make a document shorter.(*)

6. Our short-term memory can only hold about seven bits of information at a time. This means that you should:
a. use words of six letters or less
b. use sentences of six words or less. c. never write a document with more than seven points.
d. group large amounts of information into three to seven chunks.(*)

7. What is the maximum number of fonts that should be used in a single document?
a. One
b. Two (*)
c. Three
d. Four

8. Which of the following is NOT a serif font?
a. Palatino
b. Arial (*)
c. Times Roman
d. New Courier

9. Which of the following is a situation in which you should use fully justified text?
a. You do not have proportional typefaces.
b. You are using very short line lengths.
c. You want to achieve a rather formal look.(*)
d. You want to be able to revise an individual page without reprinting the whole document.

10. The eye moves in a Z pattern; therefore, the four quadrants of the page carry different visual weight. Which of the following is the most important quadrant of a page?
a. Top Right
b. Bottom right (*)
c. Top left
d. Bottom left

11. Which is a sound recommendation for creating a professional business document?
a. Use color to highlight small points that would otherwise go unnoticed.
b. Use as many highlighting and decorative devices are possible to make the document look busy.
c. Analyze your audience before making color choices since connotations of colors can vary. (*)
d. Avoid using any highlighting, decorative devices, or color in business documents since they make documents hard to read.

12. Which of the following would be more appropriate to present in paragraph form than as a table within a document?
a. Descriptions of the three key events that have lead up to the decision to relocate the business (*)
b. Comparative sales figures, by moth, from 2004 to 2007
c. The names and employee identification numbers of the 16 staff members in the marketing department. d. Insurance quotes from six companies

13. Visuals can be used for all of the following in a document EXCEPT to:
a. present material more compactly than if it appeared in the written text.
b. cover up the fact that what is written in the document is incomplete.(*)

c. make points vivid by emphasizing what is written.
d. emphasize material that might otherwise go unnoticed.

14. What visual could NOT be used to compare items over time?
a. A table
b. A pie chart (*)
c. A line graph
d. A bar chart

15. Five companies contributed different amounts to a local charity. Which visual could best illustrate the percentage of all the monies collected that each company's contribution represented?
a. A table
b. A bar graph
c. A line graph
d. A pie chart (*)

16. When would a full explanation of a visual be necessary?
a. When similar material is presented to the audience quite frequently
b. When the material is new to the audience (*)
c. When the information it presents is a minor part of your proof
d. When the audience is familiar with the topic and the data

17. When you want an audience to focus on specific numbers, use a:
a. pie chart.
b. table.(*)
c. line graph.
d. bar chart.

18. When you want an audience to compare a segment of a whole to the whole, use a:
a. pie chart.
b. table.
c. line graph.
d. bar chart. (*)

19. Which of the following would NOT be a characteristic of an effective brochure?
a. A funny or unusual headline that captures the audience's attention
b. Positioning the central selling point on the front panel
c. Repeating design elements, such as headings and small photos, to create a unified look across panels
d. Using very little white space to be able to accommodate as much informational text as possible (*)

20. Which is recommended for an effective Web page?
a. Use a dark colored background to make the page unique.
b. Use several large graphics to create an "image."
c. Provide a link back to the homepage from every other page in the Web. (*)
d. Put information that will be most interesting to readers at the bottom of the first screen so they will see everything else while they are looking for this information.


  • business -

    I disagree with these:

    3 (with these "NOT" questions, rephrase them in your mind: "Which of these IS considered a violation of convention?")


  • business -

    #2 should be A: social status

  • business -

    What is a proper organizational strategy for an informative message?

  • business -

    10. is C top left.

    12. is B

  • business -

    The answer to 18 is A - pie chart

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