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A tortoise can run with a speed of 10.1 cm/s, and a hare can run 19.4 times as fast. In a race, they both start at the same time, but the hare stops to rest for 122 seconds. The tortoise wins by a shell (20.8 cm).

How long does the race take?

What is the length of the race?

  • Physics -

    tortoise= 10.1 t
    hare= 195.94(t-122)

    tortoise - hare= 10.1t - 195.94t + 23904.68 = 20.8

    Solve for t

    23883.88 = 185.84 t
    t = 128.5185 s

    tortoise t= (10.1)(128.5185)= 129.036 cm

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