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These are my answers but i want to know if i have the correct ones. There is only one best answer.

A. 2,2-dimethyl butane
B. Cyclohexane
C. cis-2-pentene
D. table salt
E. acetylene

Axial/ equitorial hydrogents- B
triple bond- C
quaternary carbon- E
10 hydrogens- A

A. esters
B. Amides
3. ethers
4. anhydrides
5. ketones

Are realted to alcohols, by the replacement of H by R. C ethers
Are realted to aldehydes by the replacement of H by R. E ketones
Are realted to acids by the replacement of H by R. D anhydrides
Are realted to acids by the replacement of H by r-c=o. A esters

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    On #2 I think you have 3 and 4 reversed.

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    Do the answers look correct except for the last one

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    I can't help on the first one.

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