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I have a question about Henry II. What did he do that solidified his power as king but led to economic problems and helped incite conflict with the church.
The possible answers are:
Executed all Bishops who were opposed to his rule
Gave enormous finiacial gifts to the nobility to gain their support in his conflict
Built and rebuilt castles througout the land
All of them

I researched through every possible site and I know for sure he destroyed castles and rebuilt especially Dover Castle and many more that led to economic problems. My problem is how can destroying and rebuilding castles be the correct answer because that doesn't necessarily incite conflict within the church does it? I can't find anything to support he bribed or executed Bishops

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    I haven't done much research on this king, but you should see what you can find about WHY he kept building and razing/rebuilding castles. And where did he build new castles? Did he take church lands to give away to reward nobles who supported him in his wars? Did he build castles on those lands?

    Kings frequently used up their treasuries to fight wars, to build more and bigger castles, and ended up levying more taxes on their people ... all of these kinds of things can ( and often do) lead to economic problems that their heirs get to deal with.

    Look him up in Wikipedia and read more about him ... and think about why he kept building and whose lands he was building on and why.

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    okay-thank you-I'll try again

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