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Here is the second part I need you to check. Thank you.

1)To maximize the use of a wide range of Information and Communication technologies (I want to make it more specific: how do modern students communicate?) as well as of English as a medium of communication
2)To facilitate the integration of disadvantages groups, counter under-achievement at school and prevent exclusion by including students belonging to low-income families
3)To promote transnational co-operation among schools by giving them an opportunity to work together on a topic of mutual interest.
4)To enable its participants to explore different aspects of biodiversity but also to become aware of a European cultural, social and economic diversity by having them share and exchange their experiences (I don’t know how to include the fact that though the topic is scientific it can turn into a more cultural one)

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    Revise these from the student's point of view, as I did in bold in your other post. Then let me know.

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