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What was the MAIN cause of the War of 1812?

On wikipedia its saying different things and not saying which is the main

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    I agree with Wikipedia -- there were many causes of this war.

    What does the author of your textbook say was the main cause?

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    In the paragraph it says
    American ships were stopped not only by the British, but also by the French. During that time, Britain and France were at war. Neither country wanted the other to receive any supplies from the U.S.. So both interfered with the U.S. shipping.
    The actions by the British particularly angered the U.S.. The British often sezied the U.S. sailors, claiming they were deserters from t he British Navy. THe British forced these sailors to work on British ships. Often, the men they seized were not British deserters at all but citizens of the U.S.. In addition, the British seized the cargoes, or goods, carried by the ships. Because of these actions by the British, trade between the U.S. and countries across the seas had stopped by 1808. This situation caused great tension between the U.S and Britain. But President Jefferson did not want the U.S. to take the side of either the French or the British in their war.

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    Seizing the American sailors looks like a main cause of the war.

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