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What is the Proclamation of 1763????

To control the colonists and prevent wars with Native Americans (such as the Pontiac War) the British passed the Act.

Does that define it!!?!??!

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I got this answer from the handout my ss teacher gave me and the class.

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    It does not adequately define this proclamation.

    You need to tell what the colonists could NOT do as a result of this act.

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    colonist were not perimitted to settle west beyond the imaginary line of the app mtn
    all settlets living there should remove themselves at once
    british sent 10,000 troops to enforce the law colonist had to pay for the troops

    i got this under the answer I just told you from the handout.

  • SS7R - HW Question Check -

    What is app mtn?

  • SS7R - HW Question Check -

    appalachain mountains

  • SS7R - HW Question Check -


    Be sure you spell it out in the answer you turn in to your teacher.

    Now your answer is excellent! :-)

  • SS7R - HW Question Check -

    Proclamation of 1763

    The Proclamation of 1763 was issued by the United Kingdom government in the name of King George III to prohibit settlement by British colonists beyond the Appalachian Mountains in the lands captured by Britain from France in the French and Indian War. The motivation for the proclamation was a desire to avoid the expense of further wars with Native Americans. The proclamation was largely ignored on the ground (in particular in settlements already established in the prohibited area) but its very existence created a large amount of resentment among the British colonists (especially in Virginia) and was one of the factors leading to the American Revolutionary War.

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    Thank You! :)

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    You're welcome.

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