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I answered these questions about Ella Enchanted movie and I need help seeing if they are correct, and I really need help double checking my grammar, punctuation and spelling.

For the movie, who are the main characters?

For the movie, the main characters are:Ella, Prince Charmont, Lucinda, Dame Olga, Hattie, Olive, Mandy, Slannen, Sir Edgar and Areida

What sort of people are the main characters? Describe their personalities

Well the main characters were all different from each other. Some of the characters were magical some were giants some were good humans some were bad.
Ella was the main nice and beautiful character. Ella was gifted an obedience gift when she was a baby, by a misguided fairy. When Ella grew she wanted to find that bad fairy, and request her to take back her bad spell.
Lucinda was the misguided fairy; that gave Ella the terrible obedience gift. It was a terrible gift because Ella obeyed anything people told her to do; even if it was dangerous or bad like killing and stealing.
Sir peter was Ella's father who sold watches. Sir peter didn’t treat Ella bad so he was a good kind character in the film.
Mandy was the house hold, and fairy. Mandy was a caring character to Ella, and treated Ella like her daughter. Mandy was the only character after Ella's mother; that knew about the obedience spell. Mandy gave her boyfriend that was a talking magical book to Ella; so he can help find out where Lucinda was. He was a magical book Benny that can give pictures of where Lucinda was; but not give the name of the place she was in.
Dame Olga was Ella's step evil mother. She was jealous of Ella, and treated her horribly.
Hattie and Olive were Ella's step sisters. They were both evil and mistreated Ella.
Areida was Ella's best friend that grew with her.
Slannen was an elf that wanted to become a lawyer. Ella met Slannen in the woods when she was looking for Lucinda.
Prince Charmont was the nice good prince that was popular and every girl was oppsessed with.
Prince Charmont hated the whole crown prince thing where girls chasing him around. His parents past away and he was raised by his uncle Sir Edgar.
Sir Edgar was Charmont's uncle who wanted the crown for himself.

What is the conflict in the movie? Be sure to discuss all the conflicts.

The first conflict of the story is Ella was gifted an obedience gift; that forces her to obey, anything people obey her to do. Second conflict is Ella's mother gets sick and past away. Ella's father was growing poor and needed money. He decided to marry this rich lady. The conflict now is between Ella and her step mother, and her two evil step sisters that were taking advantage of her making her work and clean for them.
Ella falls in love with prince Charmont. The conflict now is between Ella and Sir Edgar (Charmont's uncle) that found out about Ella's spell and ordered her to kill the prince so he can take the crown for himself.
So the conflicts were between Lucinda and Ella, step mother and sisters against Ella, and Sir Edgar against Ella and Charmont.

What is the climax of the movie?

The climax is Sir Edgar ordered Ella to kill the princes. After finding Lousnda and so on she was sent to the ball she sees Charmont their and tries to kill him. She looks at her self in the mirror and ordered her self to not be obedient breaking the spell.
When Ella tries to explain to Charments his uncle ordered the guards to lock her up. Then she is rescued by her elf friend Slannen and the giants. Now the watcher isn’t sure is she going to save the princes from the poisoned crown his uncle was trying to give him or is she going to die.

What is the resolution of the movie?


The resolution is Ella breaks the spell by her self after Lucinda disagreed to break it for her. Ella saves prince charmont from his cruel uncle that was trying to kill him. Ella and Charmont get married and live happily ever after.

  • English -

    I've never seen that movie, so the content is up to you.

    All your answers start out with a clumsy repetition of the question, and need to be revised so that it doesn't sound as if a 3rd grader is writing this!

    I'll revise #1, and then you revise the rest.

    #1. The movie's main characters are Ella, Prince Charmont, Lucinda, Dame Olga, Hattie, Olive, Mandy, Slannen, Sir Edgar and Areida. [No colon needed, and never use a colon directly after a verb.]


    I don't believe your responses for 4 and 5 are correct. The climax in a story is very fast. It's usually ONE action, the most gripping thing in the story. It sounds as if #4 should be the first sentence in #5. All of what you have written in #4 is still part of the rising action.

    And ... don't start off any sentences in an English assignment with "Well" -- that's very 3rd-grade-ish!

  • english grammar checking and double checking qu -

    #2 Stepmother and stepsister are single words. "Obsessed" is mispelled. Was Mandy's (former) boyfriend really a talking book?

    "past away" should be "passed away"

    #4 "Their" should be "there". "herself" is one word.

    Is "watcher" supposed to be "viewer" (the moviegoer"?

    There are other mistakes too numerous to mention.

  • english grammar checking and double checking qu -

    The metric system is the most widely used system of measurement in the world. Three basic units of measurement is gram which is used to measure weight, liter which is used to measure capacity and meter which is used to measure length. A beam balance is used to measure the weight of small units such as the gram. 20 gram, 10 gram, 5 gram, 1 gram, weight are used for measuring.
    A beam balance is used for measuring the weight of small units such as the gram. A beam balance consists of a lever with two equal arms and a pan suspended from each arm. Weight of an object is also its mass .

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