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I forgot to mention the following description.

1) He's wearing a pair of ripped, washed-out jeans under a black T-shirt with the image of a white skull on it.
2) The right-hand side of his hear is completely bald (because it has been shaved) where the left-hand side is braided (what do you call "little plaits"?)
3) His right ear is studded (he has got three needle in his ears).
4) He is wearing studded leather ankle boots. He has got the tattoo of a guitar on hir righ forearms.
He has bracelets on both wrists on.

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    1. OK

    2. The right side of his head has been completely shaved, but the left side is in cornrows.

    3. His right earlobe has three studs in it.

    4. (Check all spelling; delete the last instance of "on.")

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