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iNeed Help Writing A *Parts Of Speech* Poem?_? HELP!! (;

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    Please clarify your assignment, and I'll try to help you.

    What is a parts of speech poem?

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    Someone Please Have A <3 &Help Me! (;
    WWJD? lol

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    a parts of speech poem has 5 lines...
    line 1: 1article & 1 noun
    line 2: an adj., a conjuction, an another adj.
    line 3: 1 verb, conjunction,another verb
    line 4: an adverb
    line 5: 1 noun or pronoun that relates to line1..

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    I'll get you started.

    There once was a boy
    Who was strong and wise.

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    Ms.Sue I Thank You Very Much For Helping Me :)I Was Thinking Something Like This Though,,,
    A mother
    Strict but funny
    Loves and serves
    Would You Think My Teacher Would Approve Of This?

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