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Sentence number 5 was incomplete.
I think I should leave out "in part two".

I urgently need you to have a look at these other sentences, too
1) I hope you can help me find a Scottish school which is interested in a partnership with our school.
2) In the mail I sent to Mrs. Marsh I meant "Scottish" and not "Irish" schools
In the hope you’ll forgive my oversight, I send you my best regards from Italy.
3) He advised me to contact you and your school since he believes Finland is more significant than England in relation to biodiversity and water.
Before mentioning our Comenius project (to you), I’d like to introduce both myself and my school to you.
4) As our preliminary meeting is very close, I urgently need to know if you would be interested in such a partnership.
Of course you could follow our preliminary meeting in a video conference (I don't know how to express it).

  1. Writeacher

    Yes, I'd omit "In Part Two ..."

    2. comma after "Marsh"

    3. I'd omit the second sentence entirely.

    4. First sentence is OK.

    Of course, you can keep up with our preliminary meeting by participating in a video conference.
    ... you can participate in our preliminary meeting by means of a video conference.

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