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I urgently need to know where I can get a sort of dictionary of terms on microbiology.
1) I need to translate technical terms from Italian into English used to describe the results of a microbiological analysis conducted on water.
2) In addition, I need to know the English equivalents of the kind of tools (equipment) you can find in a chemistry laboratory (e.g. test tubes, pipette,boat etc)as well as a list of chemical elements usually present in water (spectrophotometry: nitrate, iron, chorides, ammonia, sodium)

I need the help of a chemistry teacher to help me build up a vocabulary on chemistry used for the analysis of water.

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    Vocabulary assistance needed.

    Until a science teacher can help you, you should try looking up a few terms at both of these websites:


    Once you have looked up a term, be sure to keep scrolling down until you find a specialty dictionary -- one for the sciences -- to get more specific definitions for the terms you are dealing with.

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