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Thank you very much. Here is the second part. I'm including the part I have to rephrase first.
Thank you.

1) "His hair was long and black"; " forehead very high and large, and a great vivacity and sparkling sharpness in his eyes", "skin .... of a bright kind of a dun olive colour... very agreeable"; "His face was round and plump; his nose small"; " a very good mouth, thin lips, and his fine teeth well set, and white as ivory".

2) His ivory white teeth are well set whereas his lips are thin.
3) Although Robinson describes Friday as a good-looking, healthy young man, yet he stresses that the features that make him a pleasant fellow are exactly those that most resemble a European’s (I need to simplify this).
4) He is said to have all the sweetness and softness of an European in his countenance.
5) As a matter of fact, Robinson praises him for not looking too much like a typical savage.
6) He mentions only very few negative physical traits of his new companion. Friday’s limbs are said to be not too large and his aspect not as fierce and surly (synonym) as it should be.
7) In addition, his hair is not curled like wool whereas his skin, though not quite black, is very tawny, yet not of an ugly yellow nauseous tawny.
8) His nose, though small, is not flat like that of the negroes. The reference to the “nauseous tawny” color of the Brazilian and Virginian Indian shows Robinson’s dislike of non-European races.

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