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Ms Sue, I urgently need you to check these sentences I need to hand in for tomorrow and a few words.

1) knee-high socks, knee socks
Are they both possible?
2) a two-tone jumper/ a two-colour jumper (which is best?)
3) She proposed going to the cinema
She proposed that I should go to the cinema alone.
She proposed (intedended) to go to the cinema.
4) She recommended that I should move to London. (Wrong: she recommended me to leave for Paris??)
5) She ensured that I arrived home sound and safe (??).
6) She considered going to the cinema.
She arranged that a troupe of actors should come and re-enact his father's murder.
7) He acknowledged that he had stolen the money.
She acknowledged stealing the money.

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    1. Yes, both are possible.

    2. A two-toned jumper (sweater in the U.S.) would be two shades of the same color -- such as two shades of blue. A two-color jumper would be two different colors, such as blue and green.

    3. The first two are right.

    4. Right. She recommended that I leave Paris.

    5. Right.

    6. Right.

    7. Right.

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