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what is the ozone layer made out of because on differnt websites it says different things and i thought it was made out of the three types of oxygen O2 O3 and i don't know the last one but on other things it says differnt please help me

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    The ozone layer is so called because that is where most of the atmospheric ozone (O3) resides. It is mostly in the altitude range 15-35 km which is part of the stratosphere. It is typically only a few parts per million of the atmosphere there. It is manufactured at those altitudes by ultraviolet radiation from the sun, and its presence there helps prevent harmful ultraviolet radiation from reaching the ground.

    There are many other species there as well. The dominant ones are the same as those found at sea level: N2, O2, argon and CO2. Small amounts of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in the stratosphere take part in a chemical reaction chain that destroys the ozone there, with harmful results to life on earth.

  • Chemistry Ozone layer -

    i know about cfc's thanks but i wanted to know what it is made out of not about the ultra violet radiation i know abou that too

  • Chemistry Ozone layer -

    IS The OZONE LAYER made out of Oxygen if so is it 0 O2 and O3

  • Chemistry Ozone layer -

    I thought I answered your question. The ozone layer is by far mostly N2 (78%), O2 (21%)and argon (1%), just like the layers below.

    Ozone is O3. It is present in the ozone layer at a few parts per million only.

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