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I am working on identifying and classifying infinitives.
It asks how the infinitive is used whether as a noun, adjective or adverb. Can you please check my homework for corrections? Thank you so much!

1 Tamisha's ambition is to teach. noun (to teach)
2. To persist can sometimes be a sign of stubbornness. noun (to persist)
3. Chen has learned to tap dance. noun (to tap)
4. I am happy to oblige - adverb (to oblige)
5. An easy way to win at tennis does not exist. adjective (to win)
6. We need to weed the garden soon. noun (to weed)
7. The hockey team went to Coach Norton's house to study last night. adverb (to study)
8. We met at the lake to swim ( to swim) adjective
9. That is not the correct amount of paper to order for this project adjective (to order)
10. According to the map, the road to take is the one to the left - adjective (to take)

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    I agree with your answers.

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