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During her tennis career, a player won a total of 60 grand slam titles in three categories: women's singles, women's doubles, and mixed doubles. Out of this total, her number of wins in women's singles is eight more than her number of in wins in mixed doubles. Her number of wins in women's doubles is 2 more than 3 times her number of wins in mixed doubles. How many Grand Slam titles did the player win in each category?

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    Let a = no. of singles titles
    Let b = no. of women's doubles titles
    Let c = no. of mixed doubles titles

    a + b + c = 60
    a = c+8
    b = 2 + 3c

    c+8 + 2+3c + c = 60
    5c + 10 = 60
    a = 18
    b = 32

    18 = no. of singles titles
    32 = no. of women's doubles titles
    10 = no. of mixed doubles titles

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