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I left out the following sentences. Please see if everything is correct this time.

1)The medieval perspective considers death as liberation from the prison of the body, whereas the Renaissance view doubts the existence of an afterlife.
If death, unlike sleep, is an end in itself, that is all earthly troubles are finished with it, then it is very desirable.
2)As in sleep there is the possibility of dreaming, Hamlet wonders if there will be dreams after death. It is for this reason that human beings are so reluctant to take their own lives and would rather tolerate earthly sorrows and troubles.
3) In Hamlet's soliloquy, the rub stands for/connotes an obstacle that makes human beings hesitate and prevents them from jumping into the unknown.
This expression comes the lawn bowling, where the rub refers to an obstacle in the ground which prevents the bowl from taking its right course.
4)A quietus was a statement which released an accountant from his responsibility for the accounts he was working on; the full Latin phrase was quietus est, “it is at peace”, i.e. there is no further dispute over the exact amount in the account.
5) Hamlet regards courage as the ability to cross the border between life and death, and cowardice, the ability to stay alive and bear the pain of human condition.

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    This expression comes the lawn bowling...
    (delete "the" and insert "from")

    All else is fine.

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