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1) The following passage is an example of which literary element?
"Give back your heart to itself, to the stranger who has loved you all your life, whom you ignored for another, who knows you by heart."
b)magical realism
2)In the poem "Two Bodies," what literary technique is most evident?
d)rhetorical question
3)In Senghor's poem "I will Pronounce Your Name," the following phrase are examples of what kind of literary writing?
"fragrance of cinnamon,""the fresh feel of dew,""the'sugared' taste of coffee trees,""the hard clasp of lighting"
4)Reading literature from different cultures allows you to ---
a)analyze differences among cultures*
b)decide which cultures are better
c)recognize universal themes
d)learn new languages
5)In the poem "Telephone Conversation," what best describes the character's feeling toward the potential landlady?
6)The story "Marriage is a Private Affair" contains what literary element in the title?
When Madame Pouchet hired Diouana, what was her motive?
a)to help a citizen of Dakar
b)to have a servant travel with her to France*
c)to have a cook
d)to have a secretary
I have put an * next to my answers

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    Please use the same name for all of your posts in this forum.

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    Sorry, but my brothers typed some questions also so they used their name.

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    How do you know if these are right or not?

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