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Thank you very much. Could you help me check these sentences, too?

1) The protagonist is obsessed with the old man's eye that reminds him that of a vulture.
2) On the eighth night the old man is scared by the lantern and awakes. So the narrator kills him and then he buries him in the floor of the old man's own room, cutting off his head, arms amd legs; he cleans out the blood stains and he replaces the floorboards.
3) The story is also characterized by fear which can be found during the whole story (throughout the whole work?)
4) The narrator of (also "in") The Tell-Tale Heart is obsessed with...
5) The narrator is not obessed by the old man because his eyes are closed.
6) After the murder the narrator is obsessed by a rhytmic ringing in his mind, which makes him confess his crime to the police.

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    1. OK

    2. comma needed; connect the sentences at "so" but divide it later. How will you revise this?

    3. OK (either phrasing is fine)

    4. OK

    5. OK

    6. comma needed; "... in his head..."

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