Grade 12 chemistry

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For a chem lab, i was given a table that results when pairs of chemical solutions are mixed.For each set of compounds that formed a precipitate, I had to determine the precipitate. I have done that and now one of the questions i have to answer based on the lab: Based on your results (and only your results), would you expect the following compounds to be soluble or insoluble? The compounds are
What i do not know is how to I tell, based solely on my results which of these would be soluable or insoluable. I would appreciate any intel. Thanks

  • Grade 12 chemistry -

    did you find that all group 1 metal salts were soluble?
    did you find all nitrates were soluble?
    did you find all chlorides were soluble?
    what about calcium compounds? What about sulfates?

  • Grade 12 chemistry -

    thats not an answer...

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