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I want to know why [5-5cos(square)(filter)] is equal to [5sin(square)(filter)]
Do you guys know what I mean? sorry for that I can't type (square and filter) signs

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    First of all, what is this "filter" you are talking about?
    Is "filter"supposed to be a variable.
    I will assume that it is, and will replace it with x
    so you state
    5 - 5cos √x = 5sin √x
    Secondly, this is not true for all x's as you state.
    All I need in one counterexample to show the equation is not true as an identity.
    e.g. let x = .25
    LS = 5 - 5cos √.25
    = 5 - 5cos .5
    = .621...
    RS = 5sin √.25
    = 5sin .5 = 2.39...

    Are you solving the equation?
    Let me know before I get into that.

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