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Sorry, I forgot to change her into his.
Was everything correct? Thank you.

1) First, Mrs Bennet informs her husband that a rich young bachelor, Mr. Bingley, has just rented the nearby estate of Netherfield and is going to take up residence (there) with some of his servants by the end of the week.
2) Mrs. Bennet would like her husband to make the acquaintance of Mr. Bingley so as to introduce their daughters to him.
3) Her real worry seems to be that of marrying off one of her five daughters to him. Actually, she seems sure that he will fall in love with one of them. 4) Mr. Bennet, however, stands back from his wife. He teases her by saying she should send her daughters themselves over to Mr. Bingley so that he can get a good look at them.
5) He goes on to say that her wife may(should) accompany them because Mr. Bingley may prefer her to their daughters.
6) Mrs. Bennet, however, never seems to know when her husband is making fun of her.
6) Then Mr Bennet says that he is going to write Mr Bingley a letter asserting his consent to his marrying one of his daughters. Though he dismisses all his daughters as “silly and ignorant like the other girls” , he points out that he is going "to throw in" a good word f

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    5) He goes on to say that her wife should accompany ...


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