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Thank you. Here are other statements I urgently need you to check.

1) How does Hamlet regard courage and cowardice respectively?
Hamlet regards courage as the ability to cross the border between life and death, and cowardice, the ability to stay alive and bear the pain of human condition.
2) Can Shakespeare’s Hamlet be regarded as a revenge tragedy? Why? What are the main themes?
3) Shakespeare’s Hamlet shows all the features of the revenge tragedies, whose rules were set by Seneca. In all revenge tragedies a sexual or violent crime is committed against a family member of the hero, which for various reasons cannot be punished; so even though the hero seeks revenge for this crime, he usually has (goes through) a period of doubt which will involve complex planning.
4) Another feature of the revenge tragedy is the appearance (or apparition??) of a ghost to get the avenger to carry out his task.
5) The avenger also has a very close relationship with his audience through the soliloquies and asides.
6) The hero becomes more and more isolated as the play develops, an isolation which may turn to madness. There is bloody action and many deaths occur throughout the play.

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    I'm not seeing many errors in here. Please choose the 3 or 4 you TRULY question.

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