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i am trying to solve 4/x-2>5. i use calculator and mistakenly type of digit if other than 5. when i type in the problem ,so i get the wrong solution my answer was 2<x<y. what did i mistakenly type in?

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    4 / x - 2 > 5

    4 / x > 5 + 2

    4 / x > 7 Multiply both sides with x

    4 > 7 x Divide both sides with 7

    4 / 7 > x

    This mean:

    x < 4 / 7

    x must be > 0 besouse in expresion:

    4 / x - 2 > 5

    4 / 0 = undefined

    So solution are:

    0 < x < 4 / 7

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    For negative numbers 4 / x - 2 is always negative so negative numbers canĀ“t be sloutions.

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