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When was the origin of the universe?

  1. penny lane


  2. SraJMcGin

    Try some of the following links for information:


  3. penny lane

    wow sra, you realize this is a homework help website? i was born with a brain. i know how to google topics. i'm assuming you went to college and went through exam week where you stayed up studying like crazy. it is 4 in the morning here and all i am asking is for a little help so i can have something to study from. i wouldn't have minded if you found an actual link for a web site where i could find the answer i am looking for since i could use a fresh set of eyes and you simply show me google results TWICE! not only that but when i click on your name, i see several questions where you just gve the person a google result. thank you so much for wasting my time

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