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Assignment: Type impressions, feelings, and thoughts in a one-page diary entry.

Recall your earliest experiences with art. What did you do? Did you enjoy art? Why? How did your parents or teacher respond to your art? How do you feel at present about your artistic development?

****Can you please check my work? I really don't know if I am doing this right. Am I using proper punctuation, spelling, and the usage of gramer?****

12 December 2011
I remember walking into my fourth grade art class on the first day of school and my teacher asked me to think of something to paint using letters from my name. I decided to paint myself and call it “Terrific Tonya”. I was thrilled to be able to explore many different colors that day and painting my hair yellow even though it was brown. My teacher loved the painting so much that she hung it up in the hallway for show and tell. Today I still love to paint and I think it has opened up my creative skills to a whole new level. I am working on a painting that will be hung in my sister’s home. I get so excited when I am asked to do a painting for someone. Painting allows me to express the beauty that I see in my mind. I will forever paint!

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    comma needed in first sentence; comma also needed in the sentences starting with "Today"

    Everything else is fine.

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