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In college application when they ask Rigor of secondary school record do they means what I did in middle school???

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    Applications to colleges and universities rarely care what anyone does in middle school unless he/she took a college-prep course that also counts for high school graduation.

    Rigor has to do with how academically challenging your HIGH SCHOOL courses were. Did you take as many Advanced Placement classes as possible? Were you in an International Baccalaureate program?
    High school students choose these courses individually.
    This is an entire high school program; students don't take individual classes -- they are in the program or they aren't -- and the program is either in the school or it isn't.

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    I'm in 7th Grade. Right now all of my classes are regular besides ss, sci, and art because I'm in regents for ss and sci and I'm in a advanced art class. This is how people get high leveil classes in high school by doing WELL in middle school. I'm doing lots of things in middle school to impress high school and for me to do easley in high school.

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    btw I want to go to Yale for art and writing because when I grow up I want to become an artist and a writer.

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    You're on the right track. Now, concentrate on earning 100% on each assignment and each test and quiz.

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    You're doing great!

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    Thank You!!! :)

    I'm doing well on all of my subjects.

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    The scores on a test are normally distributed with a mean of 140 and a standard deviation of 28, what is the score that is one standard deviation above the mean?

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