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One major reason for religion’s growing appeal in the 1950s was:

1. the fire-and-brimstone style of television preachers

2. widespread guilt over the country’s material abundance

3. huge new churches that sponsored social and recreational activities

4. tax breaks for people who joined churches

5. the desire to combat godless communism

Where can I find this answer?

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    I couldn't find a definitive answer. However, as I remember the 50s, religion grown may have occurred because of the dynamism of tv preachers or perhaps a desire to combat communism and be a "good" American.

    Check your text.

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    The growing impact of television and the rise of youth culture led many social critics to charge that America was becoming homogenized, conformist society. By 1960, about 30.5% of Americans, or 55 million out of 180 million, lived in suburbs. Stereotypical images of suburbia supported the view that the nation was becoming conformist: Levittown houses, housewives raising children at home, husbands struggling their way up the corporate ladder, backyard barbecues. Critics also believed that the growth of non-denominational churches indicated that religion was becoming a thing of the past in America.

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    It is telly.

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