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I just wanted to know how you would evalute these sentences, which are part of an essay.

1) "The monologue is when the actor is alone on the stage and he gets speaking while the soliloque is when there are some actors and one gets speaking as something he is thinking about."

2) You wrote a number of disconnected sentences which don’t make sense at all.
Study my notes carefully and then rewrite your paragraphs correctly.
The use of the syntax is in most cases wrong. Some words are misspelt or don’t make sense at all.

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    1. I'd have the student revise this sentence because "gets speaking" is not standard phrasing. I'd also want the student to check all spelling. And finally, I'd have the student tell me what kind of sentence this is (simple, compound, complex, or what?) and what punctuation it needs.

    2. If these 3 sentences are supposed to flow and be coherent altogether, I'd have the student revise for smoothness, making sure there are no disconnections. I'd also have the student check for proper punctuation.

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