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1.Voy a nadar en la piscina. Necesito .
2.Está lloviendo mucho. Necesito .
3.No puedo ver bien porque hace sol. Necesito .
4.Voy a correr por el parque. Necesito .
5.Queremos entrar en muchas tiendas diferentes. Vamos al .
6.No tengo dinero en la cartera. Voy a pagar con .

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    I don't see that you have posted answers OR told us where you are having troublew. We HELP but do not DO the work for you. Now, do you understand what you see or not? Undoubtedly you will be using vocabulary in the lesson you have been studying. I'll do the first for you and then you do the rest.

    1. I 'm going swimming in th e pool. I need. . . . . . .a bathing suit = un traje de baño.


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    I'm having problem here with number 5. Vamos al ______ could be any number of things... I would assume it's 'shopping' but that isn't accepted...

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    OHHHH I got it! Where does one go when one wants to shop at many different types of stores? Sometimes I'm such a simpleton.

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    1.Voy a nadar en la piscina. Necesito(I aam going to swim in the swimming pool. I need) un ttraje de baño(bathing suit).
    2.Está lloviendo mucho. Necesito (it is raining a lot. I need..). el impermeable y la sombrilla (a raincoat and umbrella.)
    3.No puedo ver bien porque hace sol. Necesito . (I cannot see well because it is very sunny, I need) Las gafas de sol y un somrero (sunglasses and a hat)
    4.Voy a correr por el parque. Necesito .(I am going for a run in the park. I need..). los zapatos de tenis.(tennis shoes/sneakers
    5.Queremos entrar en muchas tiendas diferentes. Vamos al . (We want to go to many different stores. We are going to).centro comercial (the mall/shopping center)
    6.No tengo dinero en la cartera. Voy a pagar con (I don't have cash in my wallet. I am going to pay with..)la tarjeta de crédito (credit card)

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    1) un traje de baño
    2)el impermeable
    3)gafas de sol
    4)los zapatos de tenis
    5)centro comercial
    6)tarjeta de crédito

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