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hi is anyone here? Wanted to try out a topic

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    I'm here.

    What topic do you want to try out?

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    I moved to the south I'm supposed to write about changes I'm thinking Yes ma'am or No ma'am? What do you think. It's expected here but not before

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    or does it sound dumb//?

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    No. It doesn't sound dumb! It's a good idea.

    You might expand that idea to other ways that young people show respect for older people.

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    guess dumb

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    oh sorry i didn't see your response

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    what do u mean? forget about the maams and sirs and write about other stuff?

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    No. Stick with the central theme of Yes, ma'ams and sirs.

    If you're writing a fictional short story, you may be able to allude to Emmet Till, an African American boy vacationing in the South, who did not show proper respect in 1955.

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    thanks miss sue i know i got a lot of yes whats? when i first got here lol

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    You're welcome.

    Consider a friend of mine who moved here as a child from Korea. There, children were not supposed to look an adult in the eyes, but keep their eyes downcast. She had to learn to look teachers in the eyes here. :-)

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    do you notice a difference ever when talking or chatting with southern kids vs northern when they are chatting with u?

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    I've always lived in the North, but I've occasionally tutored Southern kids online. I remember them saying "Yes, ma'am."

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    my mom said to ask if u tutor pvt online or just in this type of setting? and she told me to say yes maam lol

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    No, I only tutor in this forum.

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    yes ma'am lol thanksss im going to try to work on outline i guess

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    You're welcome. :-)

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