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I need help with a cartoon. I can't find it online so I know it'll be hard to understand. Any help is appreciated!

In the cartoon there's two men laying in bed one is Uncle Sam(the hat he wears is on the bed post) and I'm not sure who the other is, just a man wearing a hat. On the end of the bed it says "Down With Hitler" and theres a man falling through the ceiling. On the man's clothes that is falling through the ceiling it says Russia.

A) What do the two figures in bed represent?
I know one represents the US....

B)How do you know?
Well....other than Uncle Sam's hat being there I'm not sure(doesn't seem like a good answer...)

C)Who is the third figure joining them?

2.)What is the common interest the three figures share?

3.) Why is the "unexpected guest" joining the other two by circumstance?

I know it's hard to understand it without the picture, I'm sorry. Cartoons like this one confuse me!

  • US History -

    We need more information:
    1. WHERE was the cartoon published.
    2. WHO drew it.
    3. WHAT else is there other than y our description.

    A) in World War 2, Uncle Sam (USA) and probably Windston Churchill (England)

    b) You have to know WHO was trying to bring Hitler down?

    c) You already said the one falling through the ceiling is Russian = Stalin

    2) All the allies were trying to bring Hitler down.

    3) read up on World War II


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