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25 sentences on how you WILL SPEND! a day either at the weekend or tomorrow, a school day, or any piece of writing in the future tense. in irish can you help with a couple of them please!

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    You have posted your entire assignment, which no one here will do for you.

    In addition, I don't think anyone here knows Irish. Sorry.

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    its not an assignment and i was only asking if anyone understood this im sorry ok

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    It's OK, but I just wanted to make sure you know that no one here knows Irish.

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    im sorry for being cheeky i just find this hard

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    I didn't think you were cheeky! The languages we have tutors for are English, Spanish, French, Japanese, and German. There may be a few others I'm not remembering.

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    If you need Irish Gaelic, try some of the following links for dictionaries:


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    thank you they were very helpful and thank's again

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