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Please check my last post as well.
I typed a reply.

Moreover if I were to come up with an Original and creative essay title.

What should it be. For the topic Banning Cellphones while driving.

1. Who is to blame?
2. Blame the cellphone
3. I just wanted to text a friend
4. My mom called
5. Lets be responsible of our actions
6. Driving under the influence of a cellphone
7. Evil cellphones
8. Are cellphones worse than kids yelling in the backseat?
9. Cellphones=Disaster
10. Save your life and someone else's
11. Miss a call, do not see a text, your life is more important.

More ideas please.

Check the last post for more information about the essay

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    Keep your eyes on the road.

    There have been horrible accidents near where I live, just because someone dropped a cell phone and leaned over to pick it up.

    ALL the children in one family were killed out and in another accident one child will never walk again.


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    Thank you Miss Sra I am sorry to hear that. Could you check my last post, I think Writeacher has gone on a break

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