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I just wanted to know if my reporting verbs are possible and if I should include others.

1) "Let's make pizza."
He suggested/proposed making pizza.
(Can you think of other verbs?)
2) "Ok, I'll phone Mary for you."
She agreed/promised/offered to phone Mary for me.
3) "How about going to the seaside?"
She suggested/proposed going to the seaside.
4) "Come in and shut the door."
He asked me/us to come in and shut the door.
5) "If I were you, I'd leave tomorrow morning."
She suggested I should leave/I leave the next morning.
She advised me to leave ..
She recommended that I leave .....

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    1) "Let's make pizza."
    He suggested/proposed making pizza.
    (Can you think of other verbs?)
    He said that he'd like to make pizza.
    He told me he'd like to make pizza.

    2 - 5 = all OK

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