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The gene for color blindness in humans is found on the X chromosome. A boy has a color-blind father. Will the boy be color blind? Explain.

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    Probably not. I will be happy to critique your discussion of this.

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    No, because if color blindness is on the X chromosome, he could not become color blind due to his father because the father gave the son his Y chromosome. The only way the boy will be color blind is if the mother gave the son a gene for color blindness on the X chromosome she gave him.

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    Color blindness is X linked recessive ailment. In ailments that are X linked recessive, there is no transmission of the ailment from the father to the son as the son aquires the Y chromosome from the father and the X chromosome from the mother. The color blind father would pass on the gene for color blindness to all his daughters who would become carriers of the ailment. If the mother is carrier, there is a 50% chance that the son would be affected by the ailment.

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