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Hello! I am a senior student who lives in Paris, therefore English is my seocnd language.
I need help to my examen oral. Tomorrow, I have to talk about: "Occupy Wall Street" movement (what's happening? analyzing the situation, is the movement important? can the movement have a future? )
I have already read French articles about the subject.
I would like to read articles and watch videos in English, please.
If you have any point of view or ideas, I'll read it with pleasure
(Sorry for the mistakes in English)

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    There are many different types of articles here -- from newspapers, opinion pieces, blogs, and many others. You will find a wide variety of opinions -- since most people across this country (including some protesters and including me!!) don't seem to know or agree on the reasons for these demonstrations!

    If you need more articles, just follow these directions:

    1. Go to http://www.google.com

    2. Type in different search terms. Here are some possibilities:
    history of ows
    importance of ows

    ... and any others you can think of.

    3. Press the Enter key and see what results.

    4. Read, read, read -- and take lots of notes!

    Let us know what you decide to write about this.

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    Thanks Writeacher and I'll let you what I will say, I promise

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    I look forward to your ideas. =)

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    hello! I made short and simple.

    On Thursday, Ocuupy Wall Street celebrated its two month anniversary. They are students, unemployed, salaried, immigrants or artists. They doen't have leaders. They are stick of the powerful banks that take up again with the profits whereas the rate of unemployment is high and the oscial inequalities are important.
    During this "Day of Action" they began with an attempt to disrupt the opening New-York Stock Exchange. From there, they took their message to the subways then they marched accross the Brooklyn Bridge. In this way, they prove the breaking up of their encampement in Zuccotti Park has not neded their movement.
    As in the Arab world there is the desire to be radically democratic. People no longer trust their leaders.
    Finally, even if osme people ocnsider them as junkies or hippies. There is an aspect of success in just getting people into the street in a country where that's not the normal state of political expression.

    That's all.

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