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Explain the basic method(steps) for graphing a linear equation. Can you give an example of a linear equation and show me how to graph the equation?

  • pre-algebra -

    5 x + 3 y = 15

    first look at what happens when x = 0

    3 y = 15
    y = 5

    Mark that point on your graph where x = 0 and y = 5
    (0,5) Your y axis intercept
    that is five units above the origin

    Now what happens when y = 0?
    5 x = 15
    x = 3
    So when y = 0 , x = 3
    Mark that point on your graph
    (3,0) Your x axis intercept
    That is three units to the right of the origin

    Now draw a straight line through those two points and you are finished.

    You could have chosen any old values for x or y, but choosing zero makes it easy.
    Your y axis intercept is when x = 0 and your x axis intercept is when y = 0

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