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I have to do this project and I have to say what funny stuff could happen if I cleaned my room. I don't know anything funny that could happen. so help me? :D

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    What if you find something you thought you had lost?

    What if you find something you told your brother he had lost?

    With the kids I know, finding unexpected things is the usual result of cleaning rooms!! Most of the time, it's pretty funny!

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    Not that kind of funny but like its from this book and here was an example

    Don't bite your fingernails because the nails will look nasty.

    But the real reason not to bite your nails is cause when you take off a nail and it goes on the floor it will grow on the floor and it soon will become huge.. There were other ones also

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    "Dust bunnies" could grow up into marauding rabbits.

    Your pile of dirty clothes gets so high that one day it collapses on you and almost smothers you.

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    Those were great :D But do you have anymore ideas? We need to write at least a full page

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    Two of us used our imaginations. Now it's your turn.

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