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Which of the following are characteristic of the growth of realism?

An embracing of the ideals but not the methodology of later romanticism, a focus upon the lower classes, and a "slice of life" approach
A reaction against romanticism, a reaction against the changing scientific attitudes of the time (particularly Darwinism), and a focus upon the details of documentary history.
A reaction against romanticism, an interest in scientific method, the systematizing of the study of documentary history, and the influence of rational philosophy
The influence of rational philosophy, the embracing of the methodology but not the ideals of romanticism, and a systematization of the study of documentary history.


Which of the following best describes the relationship between realism and naturalism?

Many argue that there really is no real difference, largely because of the differing definitions. Naturalism may be more interested in the lower classes, and it tends to have a more direct philosophic position.
Realism tends to focus on the "real" events in the lives of people, while naturalism tends to deal with people and their experiences in the natural world.
Realism is an evolution from the earlier naturalism, and it is simply a more extreme focus on real world experiences.
Realism and naturalism are very similar, except that Realism still embraced the ideals of romanticism, while naturalism rejected them.


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