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Thank you very much. What do you think of such a project?
I need your help to check vocabulary on endangered species. Which words are possible?

1) A conservation programme is a programme helping endangered species to survive.
2)It protects endangered species from dying out/extinction. It prevents them from dying out. Are they all possible?
3) The grey whale risks dying out (also: is at risk of dying out) because of the presence of oil and gas (development) in its feeding ground.

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    1) A conservation programme is a programme helping endangered species survive.

    2)It protects endangered species with the goal of preventing its extinction.
    To say "prevents them from dying out" or extinction implies that the outcome is assured ... that the species will not die out. Be aware, there is no such guarantee!

    3) The grey whale is at risk of dying out because of oil and gas development in its feeding ground.

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