Computer Club (please read)

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Ok next week I have computer club and idk when to bring. What should I bring to computer club my teacher said I can take notes.

Any Recommended

Thank You!!!

  • Computer Club (please read) -

    Bring a notebook, paper, and pencil.

  • Computer Club (please read) -

    I would use a spiral notebook.

  • Computer Club (please read) -


    Thanks ;)

    I'll use a marble notebook inside if I use a sprial notebook then the papers would rip.

  • Computer Club (please read) -

    If there any sites to do fun stuff in computer club (middle schoolers).

  • Computer Club (please read) -

    funbrain good website teach you educational things

  • Computer Club (please read) -

    I mean like any projects kids in middle school can do in computer club not funbrain that's a game site.

    For example making a movie or making a funny video. Something like that.

  • Computer Club (please read) -

    Learn to program and create (almost) anything you like.

  • Computer Club (please read) -


    Thanks tho

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