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tv film produced by cbc in 1920's implied the firebombing of german cities by allied forces was a war crime. film aroused great controversy. what ur opinion on this?

dont that make the allied forces look negative? that bad i say. ms. sue i right?

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    I agree it was a war crime. But the laws of war make retribution in like kind fair game, and Germany had been bombing London and surrounding cities. So war crime was justified, and not punished. The Destruction of Hamburg was indeed a terrible thing.

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    thank you very much bobpursley

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    Now I am wondering about the "1920s". The CBC wasn't around then, so you must have the date way wrong. My guess is 1950s.

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    sorry bobpursley my mistake u close, it 1990's. sorry, 1920's were when new technology being invented, it was roaring twenties.

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