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Are these constructions possible in English? I know they are possible in German.

1.I'm long-, curly- and dark-haired.
2. She is a curved-eyebrowed person.
3. She is narrow-mouthed.
4. She is a thick eye-lidded girl.
5. I hardly every sulk about people (???)
6. The bus journey to school takes me forty minutes (Which word is best to mean the route from home to school: journey or travel?)
7. At about six is a mistake. Correction: About six /or at six.
8. fair-skinned: pale-skinned

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    1. Ah, referring to hair, then yes, you could.

    2. "curved-eyebrowed" no. She is curved or most probably the eyebrows are curved? Perh aps "curved-eyebrow" person.

    3. Could be but I doubt that you would hear it - more apt to hear "small-mouthed" in my opinion.

    4. "thick-lidded eye

    5. Why not.

    6. The bus route

    7. Could be "at about six" but I like the other 2 chooices better.

    8. definitely


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    Haven't I already gone over several of these for you? Why do you repeat them and make someone do double-work?

    Please post only the sentences/phrases that have NOT been corrected for you.

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