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I still have a few doubts about some more sentences.

1) wide-apart eyes : is "distant" eyes possible?
2) pale-skinned: is fair-skinned possible?
3) happily: is "contently" possible?
I watch TV (is the TV also possible?)
a quite large mouth (or quite a large mouth)
4) I prefer shopping to basketball (or to playing basketball).
5)I usually do my homework at about 4 o'clock (OR without "at"??)
My mum is practical and confident or self-confident.
6) I've got a beauty mark under my nose.

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    1. No. The usual phrasing is "wide-set eyes."

    2. Yes

    3. You could write "contentedly" but there's no such word as "contently"! Yes, either "TV" or "the TV" is fine.

    4. You need the word "playing" in there -- for parallel and logical reasons.

    5. To use both "at" and "about" is contradictory. At 4:00 means a precise time. About 4:00 means something fairly close, but not precise.

    Either confident or self-confident is fine.

    6. Beauty marks (that's always been such a strange term to me!!) are usually at one side of a person's mouth. Under the nose implies a wart or something hideous looking!

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