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I just need someone's personal opinion. I have started looking for a job when I get out of college and graduate with a zoology degree. One thing I have always wanted to do is train marine mammals and it turns out that I am eligable for a position at SeaWorld with orcas, dolphins, or sea lions on all but a few accounts, the one specifically that I have a problem with is that they advise having a beginning theater background. I have never taken theater and there is a Intro to theater class that works with my schedule next semester if I drop my favorite class, band. Which one should I take next semester? Theater or band? :(

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    If there is no way to do both, I might suggest that y ou get something in writing from SeaWorld so you do not take the theater class in vain. It can be a lot of fun and you can still play your instrument.


  • 2nd Semester Classes -

    There is no way that I can work band around the theater class, there is only one class open for both and they are at the same time. Would it be worth it to to drop my love of band class to become an orca trainer?

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